Dear Migratory Fish Friends, We are officially ONE YEAR away from the next World Fish Migration Day!

And we already have ONE HUNDRED events! Hooray!!! To celebrate this, we have launched the Love Flows documentary on our You Tube and Facebook channels! Have you seen it??

We are excited for our World Fish Migration Day family to watch this film. We think it provides an educational message about the state of our rivers and fish populations and also gives hope for a future full of migratory fishes. Feel free to share with colleagues, friends, family and host screenings! Actually, at the launch time of 0800 GMT+12, the Department of Conservation New Zealand hosted a live stream screening! We are honoured by your enthusiasm to celebrate with us.

Thanks to everyone that helped to make this film possible including the award-winning director Francisco Campos-Lopez. Without your support, we could not be where we are today. We hope this excites you to celebrate World Fish Migration Day again on May 16th 2020 and look forward to all of the awesome, inspiring events.